Hotel accomodation

From hotels with more services to simple and comfortable rooms, Granada has numerous and varied accommodation adapted to all needs (more than 200 hotels and hostals, more than 13,000 hotel rooms). Many hotels are located within easy walking distance of the venue location.
The Organizing Committee is not responsible for accommodations. Nevertheless, we recommend the following possibilities:
a) Hotels (Viajes El Corte Inglés)
b) Universitary Residences (to be booked before 31th May 2017):

c) Convent of the Mother of God (Comendadoras de Santiago)

The Organizing Committee offers a number of grants for students, which will include free lodging from 16th to 22th July 2017 (six days) in an Universitary Residence (Colegio Mayor Gárnata, C/Arabial, 81. 18004 Granada). Please fill in this form to ask for them