Special Issues of ‘Applied Clay Science’, ‘Clay Minerals’ and ‘Clays and Clay Minerals’

Several special issues each of all three of the major clay journals are planned for this conference. All participants are kindly invited to prepare their manuscript and submit it. Particularly, the journals’ editors and the conference organizer have agreed that contributors to the sessions listed below should aim to submit their papers to the journals indicated. Authors are, of course, free to submit their work to any journal of their choice. Note though, that thematic issues/sets of papers attract significantly increased attention from readers.

Applied Clay Science

  • MI-02. Advanced structural characterization of clays
  • GG-02. Effect of clays in the mineral processing value chain
  • OM-01. Clay/polymer nanocomposites: From flame retardants to tissue engineering
  • OM-04. Clays in health care
  • NT-01. Natural and synthetic layer materials for Green Chemistry
  • NT-08. Properties and applications of natural and synthetic nanotubes (halloysite, imogolite) and of fibrous clay minerals
  • NT-09. Self-organization from clay particles: From nano to macro.
  • NT-13. Clay mineral colloids for liquid crystals and soft materials
  • MISC-04. General session

Submissions to Applied Clay Science are required before end of September 2017 (https://www.journals.elsevier.com/applied-clay-science/call-for-papers/call-for-papersselected-papers-from-the-xvi-international-cl).

Clay Minerals

  • GG-01. Clays in faults and fractures ES-01. Mineral-life interaction
  • ES-02. Environmental applications of clay minerals
  • ES-03. From soils to shallow groundwater: The Influence of clays on the Critical Zone
  • ES-04. Clay barriers performance in the long-term isolation of waste: thermal, hydro-mechanical and chemical interactions.
  • OM-03. Clay-based bionanocomposites: a meeting point of life and the mineral world
  • CZ-01. Clays for ceramics
  • OM-06. Biogeochemical processes at the microbe/clay interface and their synergy with radionuclide/organic interactions
  • NT-10. Recent advances in applications of Industrial Clays
  • MISC-01. LDHs: from design and characterization to applications
  • OM-05. Computational modeling of clay minerals and related materials
  • MI-04. Diversity of chlorites

Submissions to Clay Minerals are required by 15 October 2017 (http://www.minersoc.org/submit-cm.html)

Clays and Clay Minerals

  • MI-01. Out of this world! – Clays as decoders of extraterrestrial environments
  • GG-03. Role of clay minerals in the quest for mineral resources
  • OM-02. Drug delivery systems based on layered materials.
  • NT-03. Synthetic clay minerals and derivatives: synthesis, features and applications
  • NT-05. Calcined clays for sustainable supplementary cementitious materials
  • NT-06. Clays, organoclays and nanocomposites in water treatment
  • NT-07. Clay minerals in solution systems: from aqueous to non-aqueous
  • NT-11. Material´s Challenges for Clay Scientist
  • NT-12. Photo- and optical functionalities of clay-based hybrid materials
  • NT-14. CO2 or methane capture by clays

Submissions to Clays and Clay Minerals are required by 15 October 2017 (http://www.clays.org/claysandclayminerals.html)
Publication in all cases is expected in early-mid 2018.