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by ALBA MOYA from the Lab. of social Psychology from UGR

Granada Emergency Phones
Emergency: 061
Fire Department: 080
Guardia Civil: 062
Local Police: 091
Police: 092

Transport Phone Numbers in Granada
Bus Station: 958 185 480
Airport of Granada: 958 245 269
Granada City Buses: 900 710 900
Granada Train Station (Avenida de los Andaluces, s/n): 958 271 272
Renfe, Information and Reservations: 902 240 202
Sierra Nevada Information: 958 249 119
Highway Information: 900 123 505

  • Granada Airport is 20 km from Granada following the A-92.
  • To reach the Railway Station is to take the bus n 11.
  • More information in the Granada Transport.

Post Office in Granada
Central Post Office (Calle Puerta Real s/n)
Tel. 958 224 835

Health Centers in Granada
Emergency: 958 282 000.
Medical Surgical Center (Avda Constitucion, 100): 958 241 100
Rehabilitation Hospital and Trauma (Ctra de Jaen s/n): 958 241 100
Hospital Universitario San Cecilio (Ctra de Jaen, s/n): 958 270 200
Hospital Virgen de las Nieves (Avda de las Fuerzas Armadas, 2): 958 241 100
Hospital San Juan de Dios (San Juan de Dios street, s/n): 958 241 100
Cruz Roja: 958 222 222
Health and Care: 958 286 350

Phone of the University of Granada
University of Granada: 958 243 000

 TIME: Granada is one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Difference with London: -1 hour; New York City: -6 hours; Tokyo: + 8 hours.
CLIMATE: Granada has a semi-arid steppe climate. Mean daily temperatura ranges from 14-16°C (min) to 36-40°C (max).
 BANKS-EXCHANGE Spain’s official currency is the Euro. Banks are open weekdays from 8.30 to 13.30. Currency can be exchanged also at the airport and foreign exchange automatic points throughout the city. Most hotels, restaurants and shops accept credit cards.
TELEPHONE: International Calls 0034 + phone number
ELECTRICITY: Voltage is 220V; two round pin plug.
SMOKING POLICY: Smoking is banned in all indoor public places and in all workplaces.
TIPPING : In bars and restaurants service charge is included in the bill. Tipping is not mandatory but is welcomed.
TAXES: VAT (value added tax; locally IVA) is normally included in the price of most goods and services. Generally the rate stands at 21% of the sale price.