Cop_Proscience4LAST UPDATE: 28th JUNE 2017

Authors who received the communication of acceptance for their abstract can submit a full paper, which will be published in ProScience, an open access conference proceedings series (ISSN 2283-5954). A full registered author can submit, free of charge, a maximum of 2 papers (1 paper per accepted abstract). One-day registered author can submit 1 paper. For additional papers, a publication fee (Eur 250,00) must be paid for each paper. Deadline for submission is SUNDAY 30th JULY 2017 (24:00 GMT).

All submissions must be original, unpublished, and not submitted concurrently for publication elsewhere. If Authors wish to re-use an already published material, they must get permission from the copyright holder.
All manuscripts must be in English. Writing should be concise and correct. English or American spelling is accepted if used consistently throughout the manuscript.

We strongly recommend that authors ask a colleague to review the manuscript before submission, in order to save time in the revision process.

The Publisher will not retain any rights in the submitted material; therefore it can be re-used without obtaining permission as long as a correct citation to the original publication is given.

The text should consist of a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 6 pages, including figures, tables, and references. Extra pages have a cost of Eur 50,00 per page.

Prepare your contribution using this template and name the file as follows: yourID_Surname (i.e., 999_Einstein). If more than one contribution is submitted by the same author, an alphabetical letter should follow the surname (i.e., 999_Einstein _a; 999_Einstein_b).

The figures and tables should be saved in a separate file, which name should be: 999_Einstein_Fig1; 999_Einstein_Table1; …..

Prepare a PDF file of your manuscript following the guidelines reported in the template.

To avoid difference in trim size and margin you should create your PDF from Word following the below given step:

  1. Click [Save As]
  2. Click [PDF (*.pdf)]
  3. Click [Options]
  4. Select [Document]
  5. Click [OK]
  6. Click [Publish]

Please check the PDF to ensure that text appears as it should. Send the manuscript (Word and PDF files) to