Call For Abstract (CLOSED)

The abstract must be prepared using the template and its length should not exceed ONE full page.

The abstracts submitted will be reviewed by the International Scientific Committee. The selection of the abstracts and their mode of presentation will be decided by the Scientific Committee. There is no guarantee that an oral preference can be realized.

A notice of the abstract acceptance will be sent to the author before March 2015.
Abstracts will be published in a Book of Abstract that will have its own ISBN code.

A non-refundable submittal fee of EUR30 (tax included) is required for each abstract submitted. This fee cannot be waived.

After submission you will be transferred to a secure server to pay the abstract processing fee (€ 30.00) via Paypal or credit card.

You can also pay the abstract fee by bank transfer using the following bank information

Address: Salita San Nicola da Tolentino, 18 – Roma – Italy
Account name: DIGILABS S.A.S.
Account number: 000003448833
IBAN: IT97H0301503200000003448833
Beneficiary bank: FEBIITM1

For any doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How to submit an abstract to AMAM 2015

  1. Register to the conference. The system will assign you your own Conference Identification Number (ID). Payment of the conference fee is not required at this stage.
  2. Prepare your abstract using only THIS TEMPLATE
  3. Name your file as follows: SESSIONCODE_YOURID (i.e., BM1_890). If more than one abstract is presented by the same author for the same session, an alphabetical letter should follow the session code (i.e., BM1_890_a; BM1_890_b)