beReal – Development of a new testing method close to real-life for domestic biomass room heaters

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Create Date December 28, 2016
Last Updated December 28, 2016

Rita Sturmlechner, Gabriel Reichert, Harald Stressler, Christoph Schmidl, Manuel Schwabl, Walter Haslinger, Heike Öhler, Johannes Bachmaier, Robert Mack, Hans Hartmann, Marius Wöhler

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Domestic biomass heating using firewood and wood pellets is one of the most important sources regarding air pollution, especially for particulate matter (PM). Current PM thresholds refer to standard type testing results, which are conducted under laboratory conditions and do not reflect real-life operation. Consequently the beReal project was initiated aiming at the development of a new testing method better reflecting real-life for firewood room heaters (acc. EN 13240) and pellet stoves (acc. EN 14785). At the end of the project the final beReal method should be implemented in a European quality label.

Keywords: Firewood/pellet combustion; Domestic heating; Standard type testing; Real-life performance