Estimates of ground surface characteristics for outbreaks of the Asian Dust Storms in the sources region

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Create Date December 28, 2016
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Yuta Demura, Buho Hoshino, Yuki Sofue, Kenji Kai, Ts. Purevsuren, Kenji Baba, Jun Noda

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The Inland Asian dry land, such as Gobi and desert of Mongolian Plateau is the most important dust source region in the world. However, in recent years the dust storms were found to have out-broken from the pastureland around the dry lakes, dry river channels and degraded pasturelands. Surrounding of dry lake beds, dry river channels and degraded pastures are the main new sources of Asian Dust Storms (ADS). In this study, based on satellite data, we measured of the Critical Ground Surface Condition (CGSC) (such as vegetation index (NDVI), soil moisture index (SMI), terrain roughness index (TRI), and soil particles) in ASD source region, to establish their influence on ADS and evaluate the mechanism of their occurrence.

Keywords: Asian dust emissions; The critical ground surface condition; Ground surface characteristics; Remote sensing