Impact of boiler plants on soot particles pollution

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Create Date December 28, 2016
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Victor Lyubov, Evgeniya Popova, Anatoly Popov

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Quantity of soot particles in the flue gases of energy facilitiesis a criterion of effectiveness for organization of the burning process. Several heat producing units do not provide the required energy and environmental efficiency, which results in irrational use of energy resources and acute pollution of environment. The paper summarizes the results of experimental study of solid particles emission from wide range of capacity boilers burning different fossil fuels; lists emissions of fine soot particles (PM 2.5); structure, composition and dimensions of entrained particles with the use of electronic scanning microscope Zeiss SIGMA VP were also studied. The results reveal an impact of several factors on soot particles emission.

Keywords: Boiler; Fuel; Coefficient of effectiveness; Harmful substances; Soot particles emissions; Heat losses