Lidar retrieval impact on Fu-Liou-Gu Radiative Transfer Model

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Create Date December 28, 2016
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Simone Lolli1, Fabio Madonna, Marco Rosoldi, Gelsomina Pappalardo

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The purpose of this work is to quantify the sensitivity of the Fu-Liou-Gu (FLG) Radiative Transfer Model to estimate the aerosol net radiative forcing with respect different lidar instruments/algorithms/techniques applied to the retrieval of the extinction coefficient, used as input parameter of FLG. The sensitivity analysis is carried out calculating the radiative forcing from a dust layer retrieved from lidar data with different noise level and effective vertical resolutions and from real lidar data measurements. Results of the sensitivity analysis on the Radiative Forcing (RF) estimation are quantitatively discussed.

Keywords: Radiative transfer; Lidar; Aerosols; Cirrus clouds