Physicochemical characterization of particles emitted during the three phases of wood logs combustion in domestic appliances

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Create Date December 28, 2016
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Benoît Brandelet, Christophe Rose, Caroline Rogaume, Yann Rogaume

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The fossil resources depletion led the world to use increasingly renewable energy. The first renewable energy is the wood energy, especially the domestic one. This energy transition has to be realized while taking account every environmental issues, like the air quality. Nevertheless, the domestic wood energy is one of the most important sources of fine particles emissions. In this study the particles emitted by each phase of the combustion of a log were characterised. The Total Suspended Particles, the granulometric and the organic and elemental carbon composition of the particles were followed.

Keywords: Biomass; Energy; Log Stove; Particles; OC/EC; SEM; EDS