Predicting infrared spectra of atmospheric dust samples of mixed composition particles

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Create Date December 28, 2016
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Aruna Ravi, Antriksh Luthra, Fernando L. Teixeira, James V. Coe

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A Mie-Bruggeman model is used to predict the shape and orientation-averaged infrared extinction and absorption spectra of a Saharan dust sample of mixed composition and size. The common minerals of atmospheric dust samples, clays in this case, have strong infrared transitions which match the particle size and probing wavelengths giving rise to interesting lineshape distortions. These distortions may need to be considered for quantitative analysis of infrared spectra measurements of atmospheric dust samples.

Keywords: Predict infrared extinction; Absorption spectra; Atmospheric dust mixtures; Lineshape distortions with particle size; Mie-Bruggeman model