SEM EDS silicates recognition in histological samples of human neoplasia

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Create Date December 2, 2015
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Pasquale Acquafredda, Giovanni De Bellis, Saverio Fiore

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Biological samples from 4 patients affected by carcinoma were investigated by SEM-EDS from a mineralogical point of view in order to ascertain presence of solid particles that could have caused their disease.

Many dusty particles, in particular the silicatic ones, were foud; in particular there were recognized minerals as talc, biotite, amphiboles, pyroxene, olivine, wollastonite, feldspars, zircon, apatite, barite, and xenotime. Rare acicular fibre, likely amosite and chrysotile were observed only in the histological specimen of the patient that underwent surgery for colorectal cancer. These silicates, that are the causes of various and widespread pulmonary cancer, like the mesothelioma, seems to be strictly related also to colon carcinoma.

Keywords: SEM-EDS analyses; Asbestos; Human neoplasia.