Synthesis, characterization of rare earth-alkaline earth oxide compounds

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Create Date December 4, 2017
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Chimednorov Otgonbayar*, Herbert Pöllmann

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In this study, MR2O4 (M = Ca, Sr, Ba and R = Yb, Y, Dy, Eu, Sm) with orthorhombic structure and
MRAlO4 (M = Ca, Sr, Ba and R = Yb, Y, Dy, Eu, Sm, Nd, La) with tetragonal structure were
prepared using sol gel based Pechini method. The influence of ionic radii of alkaline earth and rare
earth elements on the stability of the phases in each synthesis series is discussed. The phase
composition of the obtained powders was established by PXRD, the morphology by SEM.
Furthermore the hydraulic behaviour of SrEu2O4, SrAl2O4 and SrEuAlO4 were studied by isoperibolic
Keywords: Sol Gel Method; Alkaline Earth Rare Earth Oxides; XRD; SEM; Isoperibolic Calorimetry