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ProScience – vol. 5, Pages 1-95 (14 December 2018)
Editor: Saverio Fiore

Conference Proceedings
3rd International Conference on Atmospheric Dust – DUST2018

ISSN: 2283-5954

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Mariantonia Bencardino, Andreoli Virginia , Jessica Castagna, Francesco D’Amore, Valentino Mannarino, Sacha Moretti, Attilio Naccarato, Antonella Tassone, Francesca Sprovieri, Nicola Pirrone

Pp 1-5


Potential and Limitations of the Low-Cost SDS011 Particle Sensor for Monitoring Urban Air Quality

Matthias Budde, Almuth D. Schwarz, Thomas Müller, Bernd Laquai, Norbert Streibl, Gregor Schindler, Marcel Köpke, Till Riedel, Achim Dittler, Michael Beigl

Pp 6-12


The atmospheric impact of volcanic activities in the Mediterranean Sea investigated during a measurements cruise campaign

Jessica Castagna, Mariantonia Bencardino, Marcella Capua, Francesco D’Amore, Giulio Esposito, Valentino Mannarino, Sacha Moretti, Attilio Naccarato, Jheny Orbe, Antonella Tassone, Francesca Sprovieri, Nicola Pirrone

Pp 13-18


Dust concentration in San Jorge Gulf and adjacent shelf (Patagonia, Argentina)

Augusto C. Crespi-Abril, Rodrigo Gonçalves, Antonella De Cian, Elena Barbieri, Flavio Paparazzo, Gaspar Soria

Pp 19-24


Major Oxide Chemistry of Mineral Dust, McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica: Revisited

Melisa A. Diaz, W. Berry Lyons, Byron J. Adams, Susan A. Welch, Alia L. Khan, Diane M. McKnight, S. Craig Cary

Pp 25-30


Comparison of traffic-related pollution level using street dust and passive dust samplers

Sylwia Dytłow, Beata Górka-Kostrubiec

Pp 31-36


Atmospheric deposition of cosmic dust studied by moss analysis

Marina Frontasyeva, Vladimir Tselmovich, Sergey Pavlov, Omari Chaligava, Eiliv Steinnes

Pp 37-45


Detection of metallic iron in urban dust by magnetic methods and microscopic observations

Beata Górka-Kostrubiec, Tomasz Werner, Sylwia Dytłow, Iga Szczepaniak- Wnuk, Maria Jeleńska, Aneta Hanc-Kuczkowska

Pp 46-51


Contribution of atmospheric deposition to soil provisioning ecosystem services in the contiguous United States: Part 2. Magnesium

Garth Groshans, Elena Mikhailova, Christopher Post, Mark Schlautman, Michael Cope, Lisha Zhang

Pp 52-57


Contribution of atmospheric deposition to soil provisioning ecosystem services in the contiguous United States: Part 1. Calcium

Elena Mikhailova, Michael Cope, Garth Groshans, Christopher Post, Mark Schlautman, Lisha Zhang

Pp 58-68


Chemical and mineralogical analyses of Cement-Kiln- Dust (CKD) and its potential impact on the environment

Rotimi O. Oduola

Pp 69-76


An atmospheric simulation chamber to investigate dustborne microbiota composition and viability

Maddalena Oliva, Antonio Comite, Silvia Giulia Danelli, Dario Massabò, Camilla Costa

Pp 77-82


Indoor Dust Direct Examination (E.D.P.A.®) and biotic pollution in confined environments

Simona Principato, Mario Principato, Luca Stingeni, Gabriele Mannucci, Iolanda Moretta

Pp 83-89


Investigation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in soils around Elbasan industrial area, in Albania

Jonida Tahiraj, Elda Marku, Georg Raber

Pp 90-95